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There are a lot of PDF editor for Mac programs out there. That software is altosplitpdf.com.
Before we get into the review, there is a saying that the proof is in the pudding. If you would rather trial the software yourself, rather than read this review, to see if altosplitpdf.com will match your requirements, you can simply do that using the link below. It gives you a free trial with almost full functionality.
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altosplitpdf.com – A review of what we think is the best PDF editing program out there – A long list of features!
Below is a quick run down of the best features of altosplitpdf.com, features that we think makes it the best PDF editor for Mac program out there.
Scan and OCR PDF editing Functions
Excellent OCR capability – One click of the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function will give you a crisp and extremely accurate scan of the PDF document. Since this scanned text is completely editable, you are in a powerful position to make any changes to the text of the PDF.
The OCR function works from either image captures or TWAIN scanners. This gives you maximum flexibility to scan and edit your PDF documents.
Adjust Color, contrast and even re-size pictures! – While most PDF editor for Mac programs allow very basic editing, altosplitpdf.com allows you to edit PDF documents by editing resolution, contrast, skew, the depth of color and even lets you resize an image!
Automation for repetitive tasks – If you are in need of a PDF editor for Mac that you need to perform repetitive edits with, PDFpenPro is a great choice. It allows you to use set AppleScript or JavaScript scripts to quickly process your repetitive tasks. Automation at its best.
Create, Sign and Fill PDF forms easily, with altosplitpdf.com PDF editing software
PDF creation made easy – With altosplitpdf.com, you can create great looking PDF documents, complete with text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and also interactive digital signature fields.
Interactive signature fields – altosplitpdf.com enhances digital signature fields into interactive signature fields. Using this, you can fill out the forms, sign it and even stamp your company information exactly where you want.
Media library for quick access – If your editing uses images that you use very frequently, altosplitpdf.com allows you to store all these images in a quick access library, great for storing images, signatures, your company logo and other such commonly used media.
Easy redaction or PDF editing of personal information
Redaction with a few clicks – With just a click or two, personal or sensitive information can easily be redacted from your PDF document. This includes redaction of OCR text from your scan.
Extra security features – altosplitpdf.com is the only PDF editor for Mac that gives you the option to save your documents with a 256-bit level AES encryption, something that may be very important to you for security purposes.
Besides encryption, altosplitpdf.com also gives you the control over permissions related to printing, copying or even saving of your PDF document.
Comments, annotations and tracking feature – If you need to share your editing comments or annotations, you have the option to do just that with altosplitpdf.com. The software gives you the option to print your document with just comments and annotations or print your original document or print your original document along with comments and annotations, giving you great flexibility when it comes to collaborating document editing work.
Detail oriented PDF document Editing
Mark ups – With altosplitpdf.com, you can highlight, scribble, strike through or even underline any text that you choose.
Copy and retain PDF fonts – Only with altosplitpdf.com can you copy text from a PDF and retain its native font, even if you are extracting text from a cluttered table column!
PDF editing program with high compatibility and versatility
Convert whole websites to PDF documents! – https://www.altosplitpdf.com/ allows you to quickly convert a whole webpage into a PDF document, complete with hyperlinks!
PDF/A compatible! – Have you been struggling with saving your edited PDF files in a archive format. altosplitpdf.com allows you to do this in an instant.
Export to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Converting PDF files to .doc, .docx or other popular Microsoft formats is a breeze with https://www.altosplitpdf.com/, an area where other PDF editor for Mac programs struggle quite a bit. Please note that the Microsoft format export feature is disabled in the free trial version. It is available only for fully licensed users who have purchased the product.
Cloud Compatible – altosplitpdf.com is cloud compatible, meaning that you can save your edited documents directly into iCloud or Dropbox. If you purchase the altosplitpdf.com iPad and iPhone version (Just $19.99 extra), you can download your PDF documents on the phone and continue to edit them while on the go, with the powerful but simple altosplitpdf.com for iPad and iPhone app.
altosplitpdf.com PDF Editing Program is available for a FREE trial!
Any good software will prove its worth with a free trial and altosplitpdf.com is no exception. All you have to do to sign up for the free trial is use this free trial download link here.
The trial version is unlimited and you can use it for as long as you wish. But, quite obviously, the trial version comes with certain restrictions. Also, the demo or trial version will not allow exports to Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The trial version will also not allow PDF/A exports.
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If you are a power user and spend a lot of time creating or editing PDF documents, we would also recommend that you buy this book specifically written to help you get the most out of altosplitpdf.com.
If you use the free trial and think altosplitpdf.com is the best PDF editor for Mac program out there, or if you simply think it exactly matches your needs, you can go ahead and purchase a full version.